Six simple ways to choose natural every day

Six simple ways to choose natural every day

Life today is so busy! So taken up with sitting in traffic jams, hectic work days, rushing through the supermarket, scanning social media, driving the kids to classes, giving the house a quick tidy and throwing on the laundry before trying to jam in time to catch up with a friend... 

Sound familiar? 

Living can be totally taken up with the "gotta do's", leaving no time for the "wanna do's". The closest you get to an idyllic morning spent with a coffee admiring the sunrise is watching an instagram influencer's reel. The nearest you get to quality time with loved ones is a text message dashed off waiting in the checkout line. The 'self-care' you make time for is grabbing a pastry at the coffee takeout counter. There's no time to indulge in living more natural, right?

We're busy mums too, and we wanted to share some simple ways to add some natural goodness into your daily life, without adding to your to-do list!

1. You are what you eat

Personally, we'd rather be toxin-free organic and healthy!

Most suburbs have one really great fruit and veggie store... once you've found yours, indulge in treats like spray-free fruit and fresh greens. If your supermarket doesn't have great organic produce and health food sections yet, have a chat to the manager and let them know you want to buy food that's good for your body, please!

Avoid the centre aisles.

Generally supermarkets place the fresh produce, meats and breads around the outside, and create a 'zig zag hell' of processed, high fructose corn syrup and GE ingredient impulse buys in the centre. Okay, we may be over-simplifying, but give it a try - shop the outside loop of your supermarket (dash into an aisle if you need fresh coffee beans or flour, but stay on focus). We bet that if you don't browse the centre aisles, your trolley will look a lot healthier, and cost less! 

2. Detox body and mind

This one actually requires you to do less, not more. Skip the evening wine, and leave the cellphone or ipad in a drawer instead of scrolling the socials a few nights a week.

Luxuriate with a sparkling pear coconut water with a wedge of lime, put your feet up and chat to your partner. Focus on the now, be aware of your body, and breathe. 

All mindfulness requires is your presence in the present.

3. Apply all natural goodness

You knew we were going to work this in somewhere - but using Aotearoad is a natural double whammy!

  • Less chemicals on your body every day means less hormonal disruption and toxic load.
  • Less plastic waste and locally made means a cleaner bin, and some love for the ocean and our planet.

Next time you run low on lip gloss, deodorant, body moisturiser, toothpaste, mouthwash, shampoo or hair styling products, pop through an online order for our beautiful natural products instead. 

4. Get out doors and touch the earth

Wearing shoes can create a barrier between us and the earth's magnetic field. Take your shoes off and step outside. It might be your backyard, your local beach, or somewhere truly wild. Scientists have shown in a number of studies that contact with the Earth's natural electric charge can reduce inflammation, pain, and stress, improve blood flow, energy, and sleep, and more.

The odds are that simply being outside is going to make you feel better, breathe deeper and take a moment to appreciate nature - regardless if you are in your garden with a cup of tea, or hiking the Milford Track!

5. Ditch one toxic habit, or do one good thing, now

The knowledge of how many things are going wrong with our world right now can be paralysing. We think; what can I do? 

Quite a lot, actually. And change is easiest to make one step at a time. Choose one thing you can fix and do it today. 

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

It could be buying a keepcup, donating to Forest & Bird, or deciding that you will only buy thrift-shop clothes for a year. 

6. Pure water, the greatest drink on earth

Give your body the essential hydration it needs to function well. Tap water contains chemicals and contaminants and although we are truly blessed in New Zealand to have plentiful clean drinking water, pure water can be so great for you and your family!

Harvard Medical School notes that water has many important jobs, like carrying nutrients and oxygen to your cells, flushing bacteria from your bladder, aiding digestion, preventing constipation, normalizing blood pressure, cushioning joints, protecting organs and tissues, regulating body temperature and maintaining electrolyte (sodium) balance.

1. Make sure you drink enough water!

The generally accepted rule is that adults need 6-8 glasses of water a day, and children need 4-6.

2. Drink good water!

You may want to install a whole-home filtration system that purifies water before it arrives in your home, or a bench-top filter for drinking water. If you live in the country, check out the possibility of bore water and rainwater.


Whatever you choose to do, we hope you find some relaxing time for you.