How to use your natural deodorant, lip balm & moisturisers

How to use your natural deodorant, lip balm & moisturisers

We know! Paper packaging can be confusing - but we think it's worth it to have plastic free skin care that is beautiful inside and out!

We often get asked how to correctly use our paper tubes, which you will find in different sizes on our natural deodorants, body moisturisers and lip balms.

When you first use your Slo Natural Beauty product, you should see a small amount of the product protrudes from the end of the tube - so go ahead and use that as needed.

Press as needed

As the product is used, you will need to pop a fingertip on the base of the tube and press upward, to push more product out the top. 

If deodorant is too hard to push up, roll it on the side of a bench or table to loosen it up.

All you need is 2-4mm poking out on your lip balm, or 3-6mm on your natural deodorant or body moisturiser, and you will be able to comfortably use the product. Don't push it too far, or it will hit the inside of the lid.

Gone too far?

If you accidentally push too much out, tap the base of the deodorant on a solid surface to get it to go back down.

Swipe right (twice)

Hold your product to your skin (underarm, lip or skin, depending which item you are using) and swipe just twice, no more is needed.

A word about the lid

Take a moment to line up the lid when replacing, as even though the cardboard of the eco-tube is resilient, too many bumps and bangs will result in a "burred" edge, which will make it difficult to slide on again.

Plastic free is beautiful

Because the base can be pressed upward all the way, you will be able to use all of the product... and then, guess what!

You can pop that cardboard in the recycling, and know that you didn't add any plastic to the load that our planet is carrying. 

Guilt free beauty really is beautiful!