Summertime Beauty Care - Naturally!

Summertime Beauty Care - Naturally!

Who doesn't love summer? The beaches, the floaty dresses, the sunset parties, holidays and trips to see friends... 

While we're having fun though, our skin and hair can take a bit of abuse. With drying salt water and breezes, sun damage and late nights, you might notice that your skin is not in its usual glowing state, and your hair is putting the 'wild' in summer fun!

That's ok! Skin and hair naturally require some extra care in hot summer weather - just like in the drying cold of winter. With Slo's natural beauty range you can take care of yourself, without limiting your adventures.

Lip Love - Choose your Natural Lip Balm Scent

We have such yummy choices from fresh and tropical Pina Colada to rich and velvety Vanilla & Cocoa lip balm - or add a hint of colour with our Cherry Blush Lip & Cheek Tint

All our lip balms are natural, contain at least 70% organic ingredients, and provide a lush glossy finish thanks to hydrating Jojoba, Rosehip and Cacao Butter.

Hydrated, glossy limbs - With natural body moisturizers

Protect and repair your skin all over your body with our body moisturizing bars. The skin-loving butters and oils in these body balms will create a natural barrier to retain moisture as well as working to rehydrate and care for your skin.

From fresh and floral Lavender & Jasmine to classic Rose & Vanilla or fresh tropical fragrances, our moisturizing body balms are easy to use and convenient to travel with. 

Like all our products, our natural body moisturizers are free of parabens, phthalates, petrolatum, SLS - and at least 70% organic. Your skin is your body's largest organ so it really matters what you place on it!

Wild summer hair - Tamed naturally

We love a good head of summer hair all rough with salt and tangled by the wind... but if you want to give it a quick freshen, our natural dry shampoo is the perfect solution, especially if you're living out of a holiday bag or camping at some remote and beautiful location!

And if you need style and hold, just reach for your preferred natural hair clay for the level of control you like, while the coconut oil, jojoba and shea help provide your hair with some nourishing care. 

Fresh minty mouthcare -  Waterless tooth products are perfect for travel

Wherever summer takes you, the Slo tooth tablets and mouthwash are easy and fun to use for on-the-go oral care. Just pop some mouthwash crystals in your mouth as a plaque-fighting pre wash, rinse, and follow with a crushed tooth tablet to brush with. Rinse and you're ready to go!

... and natural deodorant of course!

Summer is hot. You're active. Exploring, dancing, swimming, hiking... 

Choose a natural deodorant that smells great, lasts for ages and is easy on the planet with all compostable paper packaging. Check out the choices of fragrance in our natural deodorant collection now.

Most importantly though... enjoy your summer.

Make the most of the sunshine and chances to get out in nature and do things you love with the people you care for.

Life is too short to worry about being perfectly presented - there are waves to catch, mountains to climb, lakes to swim in, new countries to see!

Follow your dreams.

Monica & Vanessa xx