The Slo road to a cleaner world

Slo Natural Beauty was founded in 2016 by two women driven to be part of a movement of mindful natural beauty companies, who seek sustainable practices and provide slower more conscious alternatives to fast beauty.

Vanessa and Monica's journey into body-care started in 2016 from the simple need to find a natural deodorant that was affordable and worked all day from one application.

It needed to be high performing, with a low environmental footprint. 

Once we had created an award winning deodorant, it made sense to add more beauty essentials, in need of a shake up to the collection. Slo's range now includes: deodorants, lip balm, stick moisturisers, dry shampoo, hair clay and have just launched oral care with tooth tablets.

Bringing eco beauty to your home

We think all the best projects begin with a personal passion. Our love for the ocean has led to a blossoming business with a focus on sustainability.

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The Slo Natural Beauty evolution

Slo natural beauty products are award-winning, plant-powered, innovative formulations in 100% environmentally friendly, recyclable and compostable paper-based packaging.

Our products are affordable replacements for their plastic peers, reducing the plastic burden on the planet.

We prioritize sourcing ingredients locally, organically, and ethically via fair and direct trade channels. The quality and combination of actives in our formulations are at the highest level possible. 

Slo formulations are over 70% organic and 100% natural, quality ingredients sourced from origins like Japan, USA and Spain. The process from science to skin involves a rigorous process that involves research, formulation, internal trials and facility certification. Slo natural beauty products are fully traceable and made in New Zealand at GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified facilities, under world leading fair workplace laws.

All ingredients are cruelty free and vegan. Slo Natural Beauty is certified by PETA. 

The ingredients, processes, partnerships and packaging all work together to provide
products that not only encourage healthy skin but helps support a sustainable future.

Slo is a 100% women owned and operated business with sustainability and social responsibility at heart, actively committed to supporting charities and wildlife that is affected by plastic waste. 

As part of our vision for a more just, equitable and sustainable world, we pay above the living wage and strive to partner with businesses owned by women and with companies with diversity and inclusiveness at heart.

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